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March 08 2017


All of nothing. I want all of nothing.
Feel. Our feelings are mutually on empty.
You want me to die inside
more and more each day. Now I struggle to make it,
with or without you by my side.
Shame. I've feelings of guilt without being guilty.
I can see through the lies and I,
I survive each day and cherish the moments
I don't have to run and hide
from a past when the darkened sunlight
turned pouring rain.
In blind passion, the wrongs seemed so right.
I left, cause you gave all of nothing.

Bright white flashes of light bring promise of winter.
We bask in the afterglow
of our former selves and in all we have been through
(which was too much). Now we have grown
cold. Expressionless faces, frozen emotions.
We destroyed our most sacred grounds.
In a way, it gave me something to live for:
The day I become unbound.

Lyrics: Gary Meskil
Music: Rupert Keplinger
Video: Vdpictures - Video & Photo Productions

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