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April 06 2017

Fan video by Schock TV for our track "Second Chance":

Live life like there is no tomorrow.
If it comes, we won't be the same again.
Unsightly scars enhance the sorrow.
If we're one, we'll both feel the same pain.
In the end we only can blame ourselves.

Give me reason to survive.
That's why I'm alive.
No matter the circumstances,
you voiced the need to be apart.
I'll respect your heart.
Well, so much for second chances.

In hindsight, we were far too shallow.
Have we learned nothing from strong feelings?
Through mind's eye, expectations were low.
So it goes. We made our mistakes, and in the end...

Alle Rechte liegen bei Darkhaus (Ton) und Warner Bros. Entertainment (Bild) Titel: Second Chance Künstler: Darkhaus Album: When Sparks Ignite Jahr: 2016 Film...